LA  based actress specializing in on-camera acting and voiceover!

Height: 5'9"

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Blue


Location: Los Angeles, CA

About Me

Special Skills

Imaginary Order| Grace | Ace Pictures Ent.

Supporting Actress

Plump| Casting Asst.| Idea Diva Prod.

Supporting Actress

Supporting Actress

In Waves | Tiffany | Sanborn Prod.

Above The High Road| Avery | Liquidity LYT Prod.

Lead Actress

The Burden of My Company | Skyler | Brief Prod.

Supporting Actress

Every Last Exhaustion  | Skylar | Brief Prod.​

Supporting Actress

Television/New Media

Ray Donovan | Murder Victim | Showtime



This Is Hell | Clarissa | Ugly Carrot Prod.

Live Free Eat Fresh | Wendy | Channel 101

Lead VO

Invisible Text App | Intern | LWMG Prod.​

Runway, Proficient Bowling, Western Saddle, Bicycle, Ice Skating, Basic Yoga, Pottery Wheel, Crossfit 

Dialects: Standard British, Southern

Training & Workshops

On-Camera Acting

Clay Banks, Jack Stuart

Anthony Minedl,

Brent Harvey,

Barbara Howlin

Clay Banks Studio Int.

Anthony Minedl Acting


Walter Pridgen, Daya Vaidya,

Cress Williams




Marissa Strickland,

Oscar Montoya

Upright Citizens Brigade


Keith Saltojanes

Improv LA

David Flick,

Nancy Mimless

Act One Theatre 

David Flick,

Nancy Mimless

Killian McHugh

Killian Comm. Workshop

Paul Hungerford, Judy Kain

Keep It Real Acting Workshop

Lead Actress

Khol's Back-to-School| College Girl | Popsugar

Lead Actress

We The People | Stacy Sweet | NBC Ent.


Nobodies | Leah | Laughcrack Prod.


Drink Pass | Heroine | Trevi Prod.

Lead Actress

Salsa Basement Party | Missy | Mun2 TV



Conflicts Available Upon Request

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